Blackmail Fantasy: Gay Secrets

Lusting for Blackmail

The deranged desire to be blackmailed is something far few understand. Even with a decade of experience in the industry, I’m constantly learning new perspectives about it and what exactly makes a man literally lust for blackmail.

One thing is for sure – intrusive thoughts about homoerotic fantasies are the hallmarks of a blackmail fetish. The sub is often so ashamed about his urges that he will work relentlessly to keep them a secret. This begins the undeniable anxiety about being “exposed”.

However, as time passes, these unfamiliar desires become overwhelmingly impossible to ignore – until it evolves into a compulsive need to satisfy. Eventually, he will give in and indulge himself in the fantasies through visual stimulation (porn). This lasts until the screaming desperation to Touch, Taste, and Submit becomes louder than what can be ignored. Never able to escape from the shouting in his brain demanding him to satisfy this humiliating and emasculating urge…. while simultaneously trying to deny any truth to it.

Let’s get one thing straight though, these men aren’t necessarily running from the homoerotic acts. The shame doesn’t come from the literal act of being gay but from the act of being a faggot. The power exchange during the sexual encounter is what really rips the “manhood” right out of him. I mean, how could it not? Being at the mercy of another man while his erect cock is so far down his throat that he’s choking for air…. How could he NOT feel like a little bitch?

That’s when the real shame kicks in – the realization that he’s not a real man. We all know that men have a natural instinct to portray themselves as these tough, thick-skinned protectors. But what happens when you strip a man of everything that he needs to define himself? When you hammer away at the bricks used to build the foundation of his masculinity?

If not a man, then what even is he?

Escaping Responsibility

Coming to terms with having a different sexual preference than what you’re familiar with can be a daunting task when it’s discovered in an abnormal setting. Confusion, resentment, and shame are common dwelling emotions following such an intense and degrading fantasy. With reason, of course – Wouldn’t you be ashamed to realize that your deepest, darkest secret is to have your legs spread and holes filled by strangers?

But what if you could have an “out”? What if you could have all of your perverted, sick fantasies fulfilled but opt-out of the whole “take responsibility” part by using a scapegoat to blame for your sexual discrepancies? What if that person were so beautiful, so powerful, and so intelligent that that itself is enough to drag you through the fiery pits of your desires?

What if that were Me?

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