Chastity Training | Weird Kinks & Why I Like Them

I practice male chastity training with many submissive men as a way to derail their masculinity. Sure, chastity can be cruel and uncomfortable – but most of the time it’s just fucking entertaining. Not only is he ridiculed for being caged but he goes through the mental torture of being denied an orgasm. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? It is when I’m purposefully teasing you and forcing an erection that will immediately be punished for existing.

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Chastity is most known for its use during the medieval times – making sure all those slutty peasant wives kept their legs closed while their husbands were off at some dumb war. Men would go as far as having sharp, metal stakes designed to stick outward from the chastity belt – the perfect defense weapon against any possible intruder!

Fast-forward to 1870, when the first recorded male chastity device was patented by Daniel P. Cook. The idea was for this device to be placed on horny young men, referred to as “the masturbator”, as a way to divert them from their sinful acts. Another device, in 1907, patented by Ellen Perkins, was designed for similar reasons.


male chastity training masturbator
“The Sexual Armor” proposed by Ellen E. Perkins, 1907


The relationships between a dom and her subs will always be unique to one another – which is why I can’t sit here and tell you exactly how I practice chastity – because the real answer is – it depends. Some men have an addiction to jerking off – they just can’t stop whipping their dicks out and jerking aimlessly to a beautiful woman they’ll never obtain. While others, have begun feminization/sissification and it’s been decided that using their penis “like a real man” would be unbeneficial to their training. And then there’s the cucks – the men whose little dicks I’ve rejected and caged, forced to watch another man’s well-endowed cock deep inside me.

Locking cocks away will always be an enjoyable experience for me. The most exciting part of it being when they start to crack. Doubting their decisions to give so much power to me and begging me for the chance to be released. This is the part I live for. No, bitch, just because you want something doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. Putting men in the exact position they tried to put us over 500 years ago – humiliated, degraded, and shamed for being “the masturbator”.

The best are the men who try to pay to break their chastity contract. $50. $500. $5,000. Isn’t that so typical of a man? Trying to buy his way out of his troubles.

I’d much rather ruin a man for a lifetime than ruin him for a day.

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