Cocksucker Training: From Caller to Gloryhole Enthusiast

I have a lot of gloryhole stories but there are some that I’ll never forget. Many years ago I had a frequent caller on Niteflirt who chatted me up about how he had fantasies about sucking cock. He was incredibly shy and didn’t say much on the phone, but over time as he continued to call he gained a little more confidence each time. Eventually he opened up that he would drive by an adult bookstore on his way home from work and figured there were glory holes by the amount of cars parked towards the back.

I could tell that he was a soon-to-be cocksucker… I could tell that he wanted to taste a man in his mouth and feel him down his throat, and I was having SO much fun enticing him each call and getting him closer and closer to going to the bookstore. I do have to admit, it took a while. He was SO shy and needed a lot of encouragement. At first I convinced him to drive there, park his car, and then call me. At first, he didn’t go inside, we just talked about what could be happening inside; All the slutty holes getting filled by horny cocks and how delicious that sounded. And then one day, he did it. He went inside.

He He told me about how he went into the booth and how he waited nervously for something to happen, and then it did. He heard the door open from the other side of the gloryhole and a long, erect cock slid through the hole. He explained how he felt COMPELLED to suck it. He didn’t want to disappoint Me – we developed a sincere Domme/sub relationship over hours worth of calls, and he knew that once he went inside, he was going to go hardcore. His adoration for Me forced him to suck cock, his need to submit to someone superior fueled his hunger for gloryholes and all the dick that came with it. At that moment, while that hard cock was balls-deep down his throat, he realized what I had done to him.

I had turned him into a whore.

He called me right after, with the taste of cum still in his mouth, and told me all about what he did and how much he loved it. He felt small, he felt used, and he wanted to do it again. I had unlocked the slut deep inside of him and I was so proud. As you can imagine, he is still sucking random cock for Me, and he is still calling Me and paying Me to tell Me all about his gloryhole stories.

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