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Exposed sissies that currently serve Me can be found here. Although they have given consent for their information to be here, all of these exposed sissies accept that they really have no choice in the end.

Being a closeted whore has its perks but being exposed and finally living your life as an outed, full-time fag is much more fun (for Me). These exposed sissies (or “victims” for a better word) below have accepted that they are completely addicted to cock and give in to My divine and powerful leadership as their bisexual encouragement Mistress.

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IMG_4441 (1)
Occupation: Cock-Addicted Cum Bucket
Location:  Brick Township, New Jersey

Michael Joseph Vetri can be found at the Adult Playtime Boutique in Brick Township, New Jersey often in a booth with a line of cock waiting for their turn to shove their meaty dicks inside his hungry, slutty mouth. Although he tries to resist and fight his temptations, its clear that Michael cannot get enough cum in his mouth. Its a continuous journey for Michael – a cycle he’s trapped in forever. He spends 3-4 days a week at the Adult Playtime Boutique and is averaging 10-20 cocks a week. 
Michael has been training with Me for a few months now and every time he calls Me on Niteflirt he seems more and more trapped in his addiction. 


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