How I Make Money as a Fetish Content Creator

My name is Lucy Skye and I’ve been a Content Creator since 2010. The term “content creator” is a broad way to describe someone who makes videos, pictures, or other digital entertainment – and that’s exactly what I do. The only difference between me and a YouTuber is that the clips I make are “sexual” and therefore have to be posted on specific websites that allow for adult content.

I sell my clips on third-party sites such as,, These sites take between 20-40% cut of my sales, but in return they are providing server storage, fast site-speed, adult traffic, and a payment processor. When I sell on my personal website, I keep a lot more of my money, but all of those things above are completely my responsibility. I accept bitcoin on my website, which is awesome but takes having a big server and quite some nerd knowledge. I am also going to be accepting credit cards on my website, which is awesome but will cost me a whole $1000 PER YEAR in Mastercard/Visa fees, plus the 15% transaction fee. Still better than 40% though and allows me to work independently from these sites. “Never keep all your eggs in one basket”.

Selling clips feels like an investment of my time. Lots of work to put in to make the revenue stream worth it – but once you get the ball rolling and build a brand, that income becomes bigger and most importantly – consistent. 

Here is “what I do” broken down into actions and type of revenue (Passive vs Active):

  1. Passive Income Work – Film 8-10 videos per week. These videos I edit, upload and preschedule to release throughout the month. I release about 15 clips per month. I post these on all my third-party sites and for sale on my personal website. Posting consistently is the key to making money.
  2. Passive/Active Income Work – Post content on OnlyFans (some people use other subscription sites but this one gets me the most traffic).. This is more personable stuff, more “behind the scenes” stuff and exclusive.. I make money off the subscription fee (passive) but also have a messaging system to have text/cam sessions (active).
  3. Active Income Work – Custom videos & Live sessions with my fans. When I’m done with my passive income work for the week, I will set time aside to have sessions with my fans either through text on Onlyfans, or pre-paid Skype show, or even calling me on Niteflirt. I also accept custom video orders if I’m in the mood to film more that week.
  4. Marketing
    1. Twitter is a great way for me to connect with my fans, build brand through engagement, and advertise my business.
    2. Newsletters are still around for a reason – because they work!
    3. Upload small samples of my videos to tube sites like, Xvideos, and Pornhub. This helps me get views which I hope to convert into paying customers. Sometimes I’ll put up full length videos that don’t really sell anymore and make money off the Ad Revenue.
    4. Search Engine Optimization – I do my best to optimize my personal website and the clip descriptions in my third-party stores to make sure I am getting the most views as possible and the best placement on google.
    5. Blogging helps me get more juicy keywords on my website and therefore a higher placement on google. It also gives users a way to learn more about me and enjoy my semi-okay writing skills.
  5. Back-End Maintenance & Analytics
    1. Google Analytics is the best tool for knowing how much traffic I’m getting to my website and understanding the behavior of the user. Analytics research is all about asking the right questions and using data to get your answers. Where do my users come from? What keywords get them to my website? What links do they click? How long do they visit a certain page?
    2. My website (the one you’re reading this on) is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done for my business. Not only do I get a good amount of organic traffic, but I also have a centralized place for my customers to go to to get updates, learn more about me, sign up for my newsletter, and (soon) buy clips directly from my site (saving a ton of money on third-party site fees). But its a lot of work. I’m constantly having to update it, add products, make sure the server is running, etc. But it’s one of the best investments of my time ever!
    3. Keeping files organized, stored, and secured may not sound like a huge deal but when you are starting to have 1000+ clips, you want to keep them backed up. Although I dont necessarily spend a lot of time on this, its definitely important.
    4. I just recently signed up with a company called BranditScan and they are AMAZING. They help me find my videos that have been put up illegally and send out DMCA takedown notices for me. So great – I cannot emphasize enough awesome it is that somebody finally made this business lol..

I know that’s a lot of stuff to read and may come off as a lot of work but if I properly organize my time, I only have to work about 4 days a week (plus a few weekend days here or there.). The absolute number 1 key to all of this is being consistent and having a plan. It’s easy to get lost in this and run around aimlessly, while having checks that are totally inconsistent. Treat your clip creation gig like a full-time business and you WILL see full-time business income!