Justin Makes Money with his Mouth

Once upon a time, a slutty whore named Justin found his way into my DMs. He said he wanted to make Me money using his body and this, of course, I encouraged.

I started off with Me making him a Grindr account. I filled in his basic info like height, weight, etc and added some photos of him looking like a slut (see below).

Justin Femdom Forced Bi Sissy Training
Justin’s Slutty Grindr Pic

Justin clearly likes to cross-dress and I think it makes for a better cheap cocksucker – what do you think? Just look at her!

Justin Full Sissy

In the main description, I mentioned how he was a bottom bitch slut who needs a master to put him in his place. The deal was that he would make $25 per blowjob that he gave and $35 for every time he let a man fuck him. I need not worry, because he’s sucked cock before. Just look at how much cock he can fit in his mouth:

It wasn’t long until I had an INSANE amount of responses. No, seriously, look:

Femdom Fetish Lucy Skye Forced Bi XXX gay
Justin’s Grindr Notifications

Justin has already started to make Me some money – but he’s NOWHERE where he needs to be. His slutty holes better get used to get pounded because I’m trying to make a nice bit of income of this whore.


Interested in using his holes? Contact him above.