My Personal Kinks

Hello all! This is a more casual blog and it’s been requested by many to discuss some of my PERSONAL fetishes and kinks. This is a bit intimate but hey, I show my ass on the internet so why not? 

My Personal Kinks


Whew, that is some HOT stuff right there. When I’m masturbating and reach for my phone to watch porn, I always go for “BBC GANGBANG” first. Seriously, it’s so fucking hot. My FAVORITE videos are by (no this is not sponsored, but tbh they should sponsor me because I literally recommend their porn to EVERYONE lmao) 

A lot of my readers are probably into the Forced Bi/Sissy kink that I play with – and most of you already know my love for gangbangs! Of course, the power dynamic is much different from a sissy fag getting fucked and a Goddess like Me getting fucked. I’m in charge, I’m in control, and I’m EMPOWERED by all those cocks being allowed inside me. (That angle is IMPORTANT for me to enjoy it.)

Thigh Fetish

I’m not sure when this started but I have a thing for guys with thick sexy thighs. Particularly in tight-fitted briefs… I’ve always tried to get my boyfriends to switch to stretch briefs that hugged tightly against their thighs… right by their dicks… *drool*

It’s very possible this led to my interest in feminization/sissification… Controlling the type of underwear a man can wear. 


Face Sitting

This is when I’m feeling very dominant and really wanting to fucking CUM. Sitting right on top of a man’s face, grabbing onto the headboard, and having him lick and suck while I grind up on his face. It’s all about ME. I love looking back and seeing his cock completely hard, throbbing, glistening with precum – all because he loves pleasing Me. It’s a bit of a selfish sexual fetish, but I’m not at all ashamed to admit I like to be the center of attention in the bedroom. After all, I deserve it 🙂