The Ruination of Michael Joseph Vetri

Once upon a time, I received a call from a loser named Michael. It wasn’t long until I learned his full name was Michael Joseph Vetri.

It was easy to get him to unravel; the threading that once held together his manhood now a destitute string of hope. He lived in Brick Township, New Jersey and he worked at a local bank which I had the contact information for.

Then the demands came and he always obliged. Of course he did. I had him by the balls, quite literally. “Get two dicks tonight, send me proof. Do it, or I’ll call your boss”.

That’s when the ball began to start rolling. I had this bitch wrapped around my finger and he was headed down a very dangerous path.

The more he sent, the more material I had to destroy him, then I’d send him to the gloryhole to do it all over again.

Oh yeah, his place of faggotry was the Adult Playtime Boutique in New Jersey.

He wasn’t just sucking cock though. Michael Joseph Vetri’s addiction became stronger than ever. It seems the more he got, the more he wanted. He knew he had to up-the-ante to keep me intrigued.
Lucy Skye - Femdom - Exposed Sluts
So he started taking raw cock in his ass.

What a good slut. But just like a typical penis-having idiot, he thought he could behave as he pleased. It was time to teach this little bitch a lesson. It was time to ruin him. It was time to take everything we had discussed and evolve it into something more…. beautiful. Ruining him.

And so I did.

And so it came to an end – and yet – it was a brand new beginning for Michael Joseph Vetri 🙂